I wonder

what you think

when you think

of me

if ever

Do you remember,

the way DC lit up at night?

Or the rolling laughter

I ripped from you?

Each joke,

a new smile.

Or is it all

A blank place

Moments carved out

in the back of your mind

A carefully crafted

memory fog

of forgetfulness

I wonder what you fill it with

If not DC city lights

Or rolling laughter



Streets are lined




With poised palm trees

meticulously placed

and stiff succulents

Collecting stray purple petals

from blooming jacarandas

Drawing eyes


from trash strewn alleys

glittering with broken glass

prismatic rainbows of poverty

the duality of

breathtaking beauty

To the Man in the Black Mask



Your swashbuckling ways

Burned a brand

on my adventure loving soul

But your lance cut me up

And left my heart torn to ribbons

Beating bloody and bruised in my chest

You simply slipped on

your slick, black mask

And vanished

Without a backward glance

Like all the other heroes before.

My only salvation

I never believed in you

I know you.

only a man

Hiding behind a mask