Will you always be here?

beating against my brain

Like a moth trapped

By a sickly yellow

back porch light

Left on to light the way

of a lover never coming back

or a false sense of security

Against the quickly coming dusk

Beating against that dying bulb

Till your wings,

Torn and tattered,

Tear off

to slide down

the wooden slats

of a creaking deck

Your funeral dirge

decaying and forgotten



My Brother and Me.

Hot country summer

We lived for days

down a cheap

slip n slide.

Loud and lewd

Daring each other

faster and faster

Parents peaking out

secret smile

shared by all

Later I lamented

Ditchdigger or astronaut

They’d always be prouder

of you than me

Older now

I agree


or astronaut

A lifetime with you

Taught me all

I need to know

Of kindness that cuts

to bone