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Jenny Greenteeth

Jenny Greenteeth

draws them in

with a quick witted reply

and a mossy grin

they sink beneath

to below

to slough off

flesh and grime

to bare

water logged bones

deep beneath

a scummy surface

little fish

pick the sins

from their



White Knight

I saw you

A man in all white

riding a steed

of steel and smoke

You lifted your visor

Blue eyes pierced mine

Like a shot of whiskey


The back of my throat

filling my chest

warm and wet

The first fresh feeling

in years

The hope of the new and unknown

As you lift your pistol

To kiss my temple

My body

Crumples to the pavement



Without worry


Will you always be here?

beating against my brain

Like a moth trapped

By a sickly yellow

back porch light

Left on to light the way

of a lover never coming back

or a false sense of security

Against the quickly coming dusk

Beating against that dying bulb

Till your wings,

Torn and tattered,

Tear off

to slide down

the wooden slats

of a creaking deck

Your funeral dirge

decaying and forgotten