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Air tight


eases up on me


A well worn blanket

wrapped around

air tight

It’s uneasiness

unravels rationality




Awake again

I haunt the halls

of my own home

a wandering spirit

possessed by

the ghost of

my still living


she moves in me

stirring and stretching

half past the witching hour

she rises

a wrestles wraith

like her I leave

poisonous plumes

of hazy violet

smoke signals of our

time traveling



Ohio is a home

I belong to

but no more

from the shores of Erie

to the edge of Appalachia

To the woods of the west

I belong there

no more

The bright lights

of Columbus and Cleveland

can’t hide


an empty aching bitterness

of every forgotten rural town

Crumbling Industry entombs all

the dead

left to rot

like a child’s toy

rust coated

from ample rains

hidden in a forest

of overgrown ferns

scents of sweet corn

and honeysuckle

can’t hide or blur

that bitterness

rusting and rotting

forgotten hearts

harboring fear

a home

no more


Cold Room

It’s cold in this room

The warm LA sunshine

can’t penetrate these cheap walls

wall to icy white wall

poorly painted

chip by chip it flakes down

to layer cold floors

covered only by

intricately average rugs

Taken from a palace in Iraq

A long ago spoil of war

providing a sad beauty

an old story

in an old building

untouched by the sun

yet fading fast to nothing

A tomb of memories

better left forgotten




My home

A child’s hand-me-down

three times over

Broken, rusted, 10 years old

sits in piles

of trash and torn earth

Forgotten and Abandoned

My home

A Camel



From a curved lip

in a seamed face

My home

Is cheap beer

drank from sweating cans

in the sweat soaked hands

of cheaper women

My home

is a mutt barking

Its chain biting

the tender flesh

Of its choked neck

My home

is red faced men

With too little work

and too much time

Their hands

Bloody and bruised

from bar fights

and bedroom brawls

Their children’s faces

dirty and poor

dreaming of escape

destined to stay