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As a child

My sense of self

developed well

a world of


Buzzed about

my brain

Strong and sure


and denials

Be damned

My Ego

A formidable castle

that’s never crumbled



Fleeting things like friendship

I can’t get it out of my head today


and you keep talking


and you keep spilling

poison so easily pulled

from plump, pink lips

Like a snake

it slithers

dry scales

sliding in and out

of my mind

as memories flood back

of kindness I once knew

corrupted by cobras

venomous and vile

they poison

and consume

fragile, fleeting things

like friendship

broken by

bitter bile

Cold Room

It’s cold in this room

The warm LA sunshine

can’t penetrate these cheap walls

wall to icy white wall

poorly painted

chip by chip it flakes down

to layer cold floors

covered only by

intricately average rugs

Taken from a palace in Iraq

A long ago spoil of war

providing a sad beauty

an old story

in an old building

untouched by the sun

yet fading fast to nothing

A tomb of memories

better left forgotten




Will you always be here?

beating against my brain

Like a moth trapped

By a sickly yellow

back porch light

Left on to light the way

of a lover never coming back

or a false sense of security

Against the quickly coming dusk

Beating against that dying bulb

Till your wings,

Torn and tattered,

Tear off

to slide down

the wooden slats

of a creaking deck

Your funeral dirge

decaying and forgotten